Adrian is delighted to have his first exhibition at the Inspired By Gallery at the North York Moors Centre in Danby, North Yorkshire. A big thank you to all who have attended

Adrian Wright Delighted At The Inspired By Gallery

Adrian’s journey has been a rocky one. As a thriving soldier in the British Army he was forced to leave, being discharged on medical grounds due to injury. Devastated, he was in a dark place. He was in hospital in Germany and his doctor gave him a £5 painting kit from a local supermarket. It was then it became apparent he could paint. His new found talent helped him climb out of his situation to find happier times.

These happier times are reflected in his work appreciating the natural beauty around us. Using oils, acrylics, brushes and pallette knives he brings semi abstact, romantic, dramatic scenes to life.

Adrian is happy to talk about his approach and what inspires him. Drop him a line if you have any queries.

Thank you for all the support so far. It really means alot.

Adrian Wright Signature